I am a Quantum Healer.

Do you want to Heal and Re-Claim your True Self?

I can Help you Heal yourself

I help Individuals to become their Best Self.

I am profoundly grateful that you are here. I welcome you from the depths of my soul and wish you a life journey filled with growth and healing.

If you have come across this website then you are here for a reason. Most likely you are seeking answers and I am here to help you find them. We each have something to share with each other.

I am a multidimensional being who has decided to be of service using energy healing modalities. These include Beyond Quantum Healing, Integrative Quantum Healing and Reiki amongst others. I am a student of A Course in Miracles, a text channeled by Jesus, through Scribe Dr. Helen Schucman. The text and workbook have been designed to heal the mind. The beginning of the text describes the purpose of the book beautifully:

Nothing real can be threatened

Nothing unreal exists

Herein lies the Peace of God.

The study of this text is what led me to this work. 

I tell a little of my story not because it is important but because it may be relevant to you, your needs and provide the growth and support that you are seeking at this time.

I was a banker for 16 years before I finally decided to throw in the towel. Over the course of my career as a banker, I was profoundly unhappy and unsatisfied. Despite the fact that I was so unfulfilled in my career, I remained there for so long because I was filled with fear of financial insecurity and I convinced myself that I had no choice but to remain where I was. Most assuredly a vicious cycle perpetuated itself over the years until finally a series of events, that, in retrospect were probably my guides orchestrating events. Finally, in 2011, I decided to leave the banking world behind and join my husband in the family business as financial advisor/accountant/administrator, where I still work. My life goals before my awakening were success, as defined in our society and that basically meant making money. My belief system around money has always been about financial insecurity, almost an obsession and I believed that wealth ( as we define it in our world) would lead me to satisfaction and happiness and fulfill all of my dreams.

I have since come to realize that my belief systems did not serve me. My spiritual journey has taught me that absolutely everything we perceive is a reflection of a belief within our own consciousness. Everything that is manifested in physical reality, is manifested first in the non-physical. If I wished to live a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life then I had to rearrange my internal furniture and throw out what no longer served me. This has been a conscious on-going process for the last 3 years and will be for the rest of my life. I look forward to this journey of life with anticipation and excitement. My life goals are quite different now and they include being spiritually awake, inspiring other beings, healing myself and helping others heal themselves.

I started Cosmic Connections, as it is my most sincere desire to help others realize their multidimensionality and Who They Truly Are, thus gaining clarity and purpose in their own lives. My guides have steered me in this endeavor and I have more clarity and purpose in my own life. I am willing to make myself vulnerable by putting myself out there so I can share this wonderful gift of Quantum Healing and other modalities with all of you, who are willing to take this journey with me. I now stand before you, in humble service to the Love that we are.

Allow me the honor of being your guide on this quantum healing journey.

Devialini Agheda -De Souza

Our Offerings

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing is a hypnosis technique that goes beyond clinical hypnosis and can be more accurately described as a heart-based healing modality that allows you to access your inner wisdom, with the Practitioner as a facilitator. Powerful healing can take place during a BQH session and can be life-changing experience. Your inner wisdom and spiritual helpers are available to you during this process and each person’s journey is unique to them.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

You will be led to the most relevant time and place that best allows you access to wisdom for your current life situation and perceptions and you will gain insights that will help you to navigate and perhaps even change the course of your life.

This offering is one session that typically last between 2-4 hours.

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Quantum Healing Methods(QHM)

Quantum Healing Methods(QHM) is a part of the new wave of healing modalities that create change from the quantum level of your being. It initiates healing, activates expansion and connection to the higher-self and other light beings that are here to assist you on your path. This is a comprehensive, deep, empowering, and effective modality that combines quantum healing hypnosis, fifth dimensional psychology, galactic expansion and healing, conscious soul coaching, and more.

Quantum Healing Methods (QHM)

It helps individuals clear deep trauma, unhealthy habits and patterns in life, Connect with higher guidance, mission and purpose, heal the heart, body and mind, release trapped emotions, learn about your full soul experience, other lives, other dimensions and empower you to live a fully expressed divine being that we are.

These sessions are usually an hour long and offered as a package of 5 sessions.

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Client Experiences

What my clients say about my services.
"Devi guided me through past life regression, healing, and receiving guidance in clarity and detail as if it were as simple as breathing. Her gentle and soft approach enfolded me and allowed no resistance of the mind. As fluid as water the necessary integration is tangible in my new awareness and experience of life"
April 06, 2021
"Devialini truly has such a beautiful gift. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for our session. I not only gained a greater understanding of who I am and why I'm here, but I received a several deep deep healings. There were so many moments that were so jaw dropping to me. It was truly the most beautiful session."
Feb 07, 2021
"My BQH session with Devialini came at a time when i was completely at a point where saw no meaning to life anymore. Here i am now feeling so uplifted and with passionate clear vision of whom i'm meant to become from inside out. Thank you so much Devia for being a positively powerful influence and presence in my life"
December 16, 2020
"My BQH session with Devialini was phenomenal. She has a very professional, caring and soothing manner and so it was easy for me to trust her and just relax into my session. It was truly amazing! With Devialini's healing presence we were able to access many past lives. The session was truly eye opening."
December 11, 2020
"Being a healing practitioner myself, i 100% recommend Devia for any BQH session you might wish to book with her. Devia has proven to expertly, gently and reassuringly guide me through both extensive preparation and integration steps and of course, the process itself."
December 06,2020
"I had the honor to work with Devi during a past life regression. This was so much more then I ever thought it could be. She helped me through so many blocks to prepare me for the regression. She took her time with me to make sure that I was fully ready to have the best experience possible. I feel like I have left this experience with a new soul friend."
December 04, 2020