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What is Healing?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes healing as the process of becoming or making somebody/something healthy again; the process of getting better after an emotional shock.

In spiritual terms, the same definition can be applied but with one critical difference and that is that ALL HEALING IS SELF HEALING.

The practitioner of any healing modality is a guide who offers you a frequency of healing that you can choose to accept or reject to heal yourself. Healing starts with a desire and intention to be well.

Beyond Quantum Healing was developed by Candace Goldman-Shaw, who was a student and assistant of the legendary Dolores Cannon, founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).Beyond Quantum Healing recognizes that you are a multi-dimensional being and it is a powerful modality that acknowledges and celebrates the uniqueness of each being.

Integrative Quantum Healing on the other hand, initiates healing and also activates one’s connection to higher-self. Individuals who practice this healing tend to erase deep trauma and also various unhealthy life patterns. These sessions are usually only an hour long but they provide wonderful results.



Will be conducted either In-person or On-line. Have some water ready for setting your intention for the session

Time Management

Set-aside 3 - 5 Hours where you will be completely undisturbed


A light meal with a light exercise is a good idea. Limit your Intake of Alcohol or Caffeine too during the day

During the Session


Online Sessions

Make sure that you have a good Internet connection, Headphones, Microphone as well as good lighting.


Have a good meal and relax your mind before the session.


Clear your day after the session. Most people need time for resting and Intergration

How it works?

How to Prepare for your Session

Before your Beyond Quantum Healing Session (BQH) or Integrative Quantum Healing Session (IQH), a certain amount of preparation in is necessary so that you are in a relaxed state and can gain access to the wisdom and information that you seek.

Ready to start?

I am READY and willing to walk with you through this journey of Healing.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Learn to quiet the mind
If you are not a regular meditator now is the time to begin. A quiet mind that is not filled with racing or looping thoughts is your best asset in a BQH session.
Intention and Affirmation
A good Intention and affirmation is "I have clear and direct connection to my Higher Self/Guides/Spiritual Helpers". This would embed it in your subconscious and thus strengthen your power of manifestation.
Keep Expectations Behind
During the session, simply be in the NOW moment and allow the session to unfold as it will. Just relax, trust your inner wisdom and let go. You may be surprised with the result
VoilĂ ! Let's Start the Journey!
Healing starts with a desire and intention to be well. Allow me to be your guide through this journey. Are your READY?